White Rabbit Witch Hat


Celebrate the energies of Ostara or strut your stuff in a Cosplay extravaganza with this OOAK White Rabbit Witch Hat. The base of the hat is Poly Cotton, with a black sequined cone. Red and black silky Mums line the brim, along with white, pink, and red roses. Lovely silk green leaves reach out from under the flowers. Soft white rabbit ears reach to the top of the cone, framing the Queen and King of Hearts. A pocket watch is attached to the cone of the hat with the chain draping from the top of the cone to the pocket watch. The back of the hat is enhanced with a dramatic black and white stiped bow, with a faux pearl garland wraps around the satin black and ribbons nestled in the middle of the velveteen striped bow. The bow drapes down past the shoulder blades. The inside of the hat is lined with black felt. 21" circumference. Please measure your head to make sure it fits you.