Fairy Glamour Perfume Roll-On 10 ml. with Moss Agate Chips


This perfume roll-on was created to bring the energies of Fae into your Etherical energies. When the Fairy energies fully connect to a human energy, there is a process of becoming shinier. You radiate the energies of Magick, sprinkling the energies of attraction around so that others may see you in a differ-ent shining light. This blend is created with the Magick of the Fae, the vibes of Ethereal energy, and the joy of being free to be your truly Magickal self! Pure organic essential oils are blended to create this scent, including Sweet Orange Blossom, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Geranium, and Hyacinth. These deli-ciously attractive aromas are blended in a pure organic coconut base. Moss Agate chips are added to heighten this perfume's energy. Moss Agate is used to initiate new relationships, attract people to you, foster connections to the earth, and to bring balance and harmony to the user. Moss Agate also inspires peacefulness, harmony, and a clear mind. This oil is created during the New Moon for attrac-tion energy, and charged with focused Fairy energies.
***A word of caution** if you do not like to be noticed, do not wear this oil!