Queen of the Fae Horned Crown ~ OOAK


This piece was created with a horned crown made of soft PVC, no smell. Comfortable and safe to wear. The horns on this crown are filled with foam so they stand straight up. They are then embel-lished with copper metallic paint, gold braided trim is wrapped from the top of the horns to the base of the horns. The horns stand 11' high. the crown fits 22" circumference.
The base of this crown is embellished with silk flowers including roses, mums, morning glories, sunflowers, and so many more buds. The front of the crown is representative of Spring. The middle of the crown, at the top of the head, begins to shift into Summer with green moss, sunny colors and green silky leaves. the back of the crown is the energy of Fall and Winter with orange and black silky leaves, acorns, pine cones, sprigs of berries, silky snow glittered leaves, twigs, more acorns, and pine cones, and whites representing all the colors and feels of the seasons.