Queen Perfume Roll-On ~10 ML with Amethyst Chips


Embrace your Goddess/Queen energy with this beautiful blend of pure essential oils and Amethyst. Jasmine, Spearmint, Ylang Ylang, and Eucalyptus come together with a coconut oil base to boost your feelings about your amazing self! Every woman has a powerful Queen/Goddess inside that is often times forgotten, challenged, or lost, due to life and the stresses of being in your everyday situations. This perfume roll-on is designed to heighten your sense of self, open - up your Third Chakra (power center), so you can stand in your power and be grounded in your energy, while feeling the openness of your feminine beauty and love. Amethyst chips are blended into this mixture to relieve stress, soothe your body, balance feelings of rage or sadness while activating your intuition. Amethyst brings a sense of nobility as well to the body and Soul. It is a powerful protection stone, keeping the wearer free from energetic attack, while it cleanses and heals the body. If you are feeling like your Crown is tilted and your personal power is need of a boost, this is the perfume Roll-on for you!