Angelic Whispers Bath Salts with Celestite Crystals~ 6 ounces


Meditate with your Guides and Angels in this energetically created bath mixture. Designed with the intentions of healing and invoking the Angels this lovely scented bath with relax your mind, body and Soul, while taking you on a journey to communicate with the Angelic Realm. Pure organic essential oils include Sandalwood, Rose, Lavender and Cedarwood. These scents attract Angelic interaction when combined. If you are needing angelic assistance or a helping hand, this bath helps you manifest the Earth Angels or benefactors to make things easier in your life. Dried organic Lavender blossoms are included in the blend to give you peace of mind. Celestite Crystals are included to bring the higher Realms of Arch Angels, intuitive energies and healing. Charged with Reiki, Angelic Energy, and Love.
Bath tea bags included.